Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why are Millennials so into astrology — even if they don't exactly believe it?

The question of belief in astrology leads to a sort of paradox. It is like the question "Do you believe in breakfast?" What can you say? Pseudoquestions need only appear to have answers and this is why they appear to have an overabundance of good answers. Each pseudoanswer can score well on criteria for ranking responses without genuinely expressing a proposition or assessment. They work in the same way that counterfeit money or fake news works if you don't look at it carefully. This Atlantic article (see link below) suggests that Millennials, at least those who were interviewed, are in some way conscious of the riddle when they hear it. This is one area where they can extract themselves from stupidity and because astrology is the target, this makes astrology all the more attractive to them.